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The Return of the Tea Races

Ever wonder how some of the worlds big brands get their names onto the sails of a major yacht race events, Hugo Boss, Emirates, Omega, Unilever, Airbus, Tesla, Nokia, Vodaphone and even a bank. They outbid the competition to get there, their ROI, was that their brand was seen by nearly 2.3 billion viewers (Vendee 2020 Vision).

From Shanghai, to the U.K. the clipper race will be staged at various countries enroute, offering a real global opportunity for brand exposure, new partnerships and opportunities, for all businesses that join us.

Two awe inspiring tall ships, racing against the elements, full sail, testing their young crews, while promoting ‘clean emission technologies’ and sail power in shipping, celebrating the skills of those that raced before.

As interest grows in our plans for the return of the ‘Clipper Tea Races’ from 2025, we are reaching out to tall ship owners around the world, interested in taking part. The race will be in stages, from Shanghai to the U.K., with cities across the route being invited to bid to host their local stage.

The proposal is based around the conversion of fossil fuel sailing ships, to carry cargo across the seas as once before, under sail.

Low cost, funding would be offered to participating vessels, with further opportunities of brand sponsorship, from businesses supporting clean emission shipping.

To register your interest, please email me on