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Historic ship ordered to leave Honolulu Harbor

A 138 year-old sailing ship that’s been a landmark in Honolulu Harbor for more than 50 years has been ordered to leave by the state.


A national historic landmark is rusting away. The “Falls of Clyde” is docked near the Aloha Tower Marketplace. It was one of the first vessels to sail for Matson and has been around the islands for nearly 100-years.

Campaign to save rare Clyde-built ship

But the Falls of Clyde could soon be at the bottom of the Pacific ocean if a campaign to save her does not secure the funds it needs by August this…

140-year-old ship could be auctioned off after restoration plan falls through

The Falls of Clyde is the last of its kind in the world.

Deal falls through to send ship from Hawaii to Scotland

HONOLULU (AP) — A deal has fallen through to send a late 19th century iron-hulled ship from Honolulu to Scotland. Scotland-based Save Falls of Clyde International canceled the ship scheduled to pick up the historic vessel on Feb. 3, citing logistical problems, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported …

Campaigners want to breathe new life into Greenock’s historic sugar sheds

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to revitalise Inchgreen drydock are now working on ideas to breathe new life into Greenock’s historic sugar sheds.

Could Falls of Clyde ‘save’ Appledore shipyard? – Classic Boat Magazine

North Devon’s Appledore Shipyard closed in March, ending more than 160 years production from a yard that has launched almost 200 vessels. The closure also marked the end of a tradition of shipbuilding on the River Torridge that predates the Spanish Armada. The long list of ships built at Appledore S…

Sugar shed campaigners to urge the government for a firm financial commitment

DETERMINED campaigners will press the Scottish Government to invest in plans to breathe new life into Greenock’s historic sugar sheds.

141-year-old Falls of Clyde ship on the market

The state says if bidding is unsuccessful this time around, it will move forward with the disposal process.

Save our ship: Falls of Clyde heads for scuttling in Hawaii

A Scottish-built ship that has been docked in Hawaii for more than half a century looks set to be sunk despite efforts to save her (Gemma Fraser writes).Hawaii’s transport department has declared the

At long last: Falls of Clyde to head home for Scotland

THE historic Clyde-built tall ship that was threatened with destruction is finally coming home to Scotland and the river where she was built.

Last Ditch Effort to Save Falls of Clyde

Save Falls of Clyde-International has launched a gofundme fundraiser in an a last ditch effort to st…

Scottish Group Calls for Help to Save Historic Ship

An international appeal is underway to save the Falls of Clyde, a four-mast sailing ship built in Gl…

SOS as Time Runs Out for Falls of Clyde in Honolulu Harbor – Honolulu Magazine

The state put the historic sailing ship up for auction after the vessel started to sink.

Falls of Clyde’s Scottish return delayed due to logistical issues in Hawaii

THE deal to transport the historic Falls of Clyde ship from Hawaii back to its birthplace on the Clyde has fallen through, it was reported in…

Historic Port Glasgow-built ship Falls of Clyde is sinking according to reports in Hawaii

HISTORIC Port Glasgow-built ship Falls of Clyde is sinking according to reports in Hawaii.

Deadline to Remove Falls of Clyde Approaches, Plan Remains Elusive

The Falls of Clyde began sinking in Honolulu harbor last week. The 280-foot iron-hulled sailing ship has been moored in Honolulu Harbor for decades,

Campaigners hope to bring 19th century windjammer back to Scotland from Honolulu

Time is running out for a historic Clyde-built windjammer trapped in Honolulu Harbour. The Falls of Clyde was built in Port Glasgow in 1878 but is…

No successful bids for 140-year-old Clydebuilt ship Falls of Clyde, authorities in Hawaii say – The Sunday Post

A Clydebuilt ship currently berthed in Hawaii has attracted no successful bids having been put up for auction.

Hopes for return of ‘unwanted’ Falls of Clyde ship

Campaigners are aiming to bring a Clyde-built ship back to Scotland from Hawaii after it failed to sell at auction.The Falls of Clyde, which was built at Port Glasgow in 1878, is berthed in Honolulu

Maritime History Notes: Four ships looking for a home – FreightWaves

A handful of iconic American merchant ships have cloudy futures.

Plan to bring Port Glasgow-built vessel back to Inverclyde is turning the tide

AN AMBITIOUS plan to bring an iconic vessel back to Inverclyde is now turning the tide.

Letters: Efforts to bring the Falls of Clyde home must not fail

YOU have printed some of the best news I have heard in a long time, a real boost to the spirits after all the stress, doom and gloom of the past…

Piece of maritime history prepares to return home to the Clyde

FOR years the last iron-hulled four-masted sailing ship of her kind has languished in foreign waters, embroiled in a wrangle over her ownership and…

Last of the Clyde-built sailing tankers could return home after major boost

An historic Clyde-built sailing vessel sits berthed in Honolulu, Hawaii, waiting patiently to return home to fulfil its new destiny as a community…

If rescued, Falls of Clyde sailing ship could draw tourists to the Clyde

I WAS most interested in the letter from Thomas McCluskey (October 7), which ties in with a subject on which I have written before which is close to…