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The Falls Of Clyde is a tall ship currently moored in Honolulu, Hawaii. Build in 1878 at Russell and Co in Port Glasgow and is the first of eight sister ships but one of the last remaining sail driven oil tankers in the world.

Currently moored in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Falls of Clyde (FOC) is the last remaining sail powered oil tankers,  her seven sister ships were either lost at sea or to action during WW1 and WW2.

Like her sister ships, she carries the name of historic Landmark waterfalls in Scotland and was built as a bulk carrier where she was eventually bought by Glasgow merchants – Wright & Breckenridge which meant she regularly travelled to India and Pakistan on trade routes. She was then bought by the new Pacific shipping line, Matson Shipping.

However, after many years of service, she eventually retired to Hawaii where she has been a museum ship and a well-loved landmark for many more years. Now Falls of Clyde International (FOCI) want to save her from being deliberately scuttled, by the Honolulu Harbours Department and rebuild her so she can, once again, sail the oceans of the world.

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