Support the Falls of Clyde


Our mission statement is simple: Equality, Education and the environment – driving change through technology and innovation. We aim to share our Heritage, unlock potential and rebuild lives through opportunity, education and conservation. Falls of Clyde International have several aims:

  1. To pave the way for green/carbon free technology – becoming a major platform for the latest clean propulsion and energy storage systems by developing our relationships with the biggest engineering and green tech providers, helping to continue developing and researching green and carbon free tech, into the future for other vessels.
  2. Equality within society – giving everyone a chance to be successful. No matter what the background or experience, if someone have an idea that has potential, we want to give them the best possible chance at success by providing the means needed to do so via our incubation village.
  3. Fairtrade cargo – Giving societies around the world a chance to thrive by working with fair trade companies to help provide both a fair wage and infrastructure to farmers around the world – helping them provide for their families and ensuring they have a promising future.
  4. Education – We believe that by taking the most underprivileged kids of our societies, we can equip them the skills, experience and tools needed to give them a future whilst giving them an adventure of a lifetime as they sail the world.