Support the Falls of Clyde


We will be working with European partners in the existing sail cargo sector and will be transporting goods like whiskey, wool, Rum and cocoa to name but a few. The Falls of Clyde’s hull capacity will allow the ship to open up traditional routes around the world, that once were the lifelines for ships like the ‘Fall’s’.

We aim to provide the first carbon free cargo service from Scotland! Carry ethically produced Cargos and develop and nurture relationships with farmers and workers within the domestic and third world countries; allowing them to have an income, with the ability to live more comfortable life and to send their own children to school. We want to take education ashore – to those communities that grow the coffee or make the Rum, Gin or Chocolate. Helping these same communities with infrastructure or education projects that they will identify themselves. We firmly believe that this will strengthen links culturally and commercially, as well as benefitting communities and businesses both here in Scotland and in those local communities.

Once operational, we realised that the ship we will have limited cargo space for growth, therefore we have earmarked at least two other tall ships that can also be restored and rebuilt (using the latest green technology) We take this experience and we use it to grow the businesses. Other tall ships will then have a stronger focus on fair-trade cargo and we believe that this will give us a unique brand and range of products along with our home port becoming a leading fair-trade cargo and maritime heritage hub.