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Of all of the projects on-board the FOC one of the most important is for her to become a platform that will show the world the latest green and carbon neutral/carbon free tech. We want to show the world that clean engines and tech aren’t just sustainable but that they are the future.

Final year students at Strathclyde University Marine Engineering took on and tackled new propulsion systems such as Hydrogen power – akin to Ferguson Marines own innovations. They also identified solar sails and high efficiency solar panels, wind turbines and battery storage as ancillary power back up, we will continue to adapt to new innovations that we feel will be suitable for the ship. Furthermore, as she sails the world using the latest green tech and engines, we believe we can show others that this tech is just as viable, cleaner and even superior to traditional diesel/petrol engines.

Currently, we are engaged with several marine engineering companies who have all provided their own green/carbon free engine and propulsion systems, while BAE systems have provided a team of volunteer engineers who are examining each proposal to help us realise, which meets our needs best.