Support the Falls of Clyde

David O’Neill

Anybody who has met or knows David have often described him as having a drive and a passion for change that few people can match. He has worked on many community projects in the past including Dormanside Tennant’s Group and the Old Gorbals Heritage Group where he worked to help impoverished community members through fundraising and arts creation projects including an annual ‘Christmas for kids’ a Christmas gift drive. He has also played a decisive role in saving the Oscar Marzarolli Collection which is currently archived at Caledonian University.
Always pushing to help communities help themselves, David believes in a strong foundation of community spirit and this is demonstrated further in the Gorbals Cross Fountain project were, along with FOCI,  he is current working on rebuilding the Gorbals Cross fountain as a community hub and historic landmark.
The Gorbals is close to his heart as, having grown up there during the 60’s, he understands how being given the chance to change their lives is often all someone needs to do so.Since 2016, David has worked tirelessly on bringing the Falls Of Clyde home whilst ensuring that, not only will she become profitable, but that she will enrich communities around the world, through access to education with the various projects both on-board and ashore. He is truly the driving force and the heart behind the project.
David has spent most of his working life in the Radio Communications and office equipment sector with a strong business to business sales and business management background. In his earlier career he worked for many years in logistics, manufacturing and project management.